Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Do you notice how sometimes things seem to remain fairly static for quite some time while at other times, the winds of change blow very strongly? Not long ago, I was posting pictures of snow, but very shortly afterwards, I was posting photos of crocuses like the ones below.

Last Wonders ...

Subdued Wonder

I love crocuses, more than any other flower I think, not only for their beauty but because they are, for me, they are the firstborn of spring. Also, their time is so short that I must take the necessary moments to truly appreciate them while they flower.

Of course, they're gone already, and the daffodils are taking their turn. While I also greatly admire and appreciate these blooms, they don't move me quite as much as the lowly crocus. Mind you, I'm sure chuffed that they're here and blooming their sunny hearts out.

The weather has changed dramatically too. In these parts, it seems as though we've gone straight from winter to summer with no pause for spring. Today, for example, the mercury climbed to an incredible 25°C/77°F. It's not that we never soar to such lofty heights in April, but this has been going on for about an unprecedented five days already, and we're promised several more after tomorrow's rain. Perhaps it's our recompense for one hellacious winter.

There was yet another significant shift today as Thesha headed back to work after her year of government-sponsored reprieve in order to take care of The Bonnie Wee One. And that also brought about a big change for Cuppa and me as we stepped into our new role as primary daycare providers.

So it was that we roused ourselves early and landed in Nikki Dee's royal lair by 7:30 to find that she was already up and at 'em. She doesn't usually rise quite that early, but yesterday was inoculation day, and although her tiny system has handled it quite well for the most part, her little body has been thrown off kilter just a wee bit.

But we had a grand day. I'm sure that this commitment will be a trial by times, but it's also quite an honour and privilege to help Thesha and Theboy like this and to spend such precious hours with her youthful majesty. Tomorrow, Cuppa will probably post many pictures in her usual and wonderful storybook way, and I will probably also post a few — but not tonight, for the old grandad is a little weary for some strange reason.


Ruth said...

We went from winter straight into summer. You and your wife are terrific grandparents. Every child should be so lucky. How relieved your daughter must be to know the baby is getting the best of care.

Donna said...

Can't imagine the reason for you being weary!lol...Pictures are Beautiful!!!Have fun with the sweetie!!hughugs