Saturday, April 12, 2008

Blame The Bonnie Wee One

Cuppa and I are both sick with colds. Bad colds. Except for a very minor skirmish or two, we escaped the whole, dreadfully long winter and its concomitant germ attacks, but our luck has turned now that spring is here.

The Bonnie Wee One caught it first, then Mom, and finally gramma and grampa. Of course if Nikki Dee were to catch something, we'd almost be sure to fall ill also because ... well because we do tend to get close. Besides, this was a fast one, and we were all contaminated before we knew enough to take evasive action. After being out all day on Friday, I came in the house moaning and groaning that I was sick. Not to be outdone, Cuppa moaned and groaned ... and coughed and spluttered right back at me. So, no sympathy for the old guy.

But we sure react to colds differently. Cuppa hit the sack at about 7:30 on Friday evening and slept most of Saturday away. I don't seem to sleep any more ill than I do healthy. Sometimes, I think it's even less. I remember once getting very sick and mentioning this to the doctor, and he replied with great conviction that I would sleep as a result of the meds that he was prescribing. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

We are both on Cold FX for the first time ever. I don't know how it works because you can't cure the common cold after all, but both of us seem to feel less laid low than in other instances. Well, I know Cuppa has been doing a lot of low-lying, but she does claim to feel not too miserable when she does manage to venture out from under the covers. And I felt good enough to drive out to orchestra practice and felt more or less with it during.

Not that any of you requested a blow-by-blow account of our afflictions, but I did want to pause to observe how two people's bodies can react so differently. Now it's time for grampa to see if he can get some rest. It is after eleven o'clock after all. It shouldn't be too much for a sick man to ask for a decent night's rest. Eh?


ChrisB said...

Hope you both soon feel a lot better. I cannot remember the last time I had a cold (hope I haven't spoken too soon)!

megz_mum said...

Also wishing you a speedy recovery!

Dale said...

"A blow by blow" account of you and Cuppa sharing a box of Kleenex? Very clever, AC. Witty, even in your weakened state.
Hope you get well soon!


Ruth said...

I used ColdFx for the first time this season and was impressed with the results. It is expensive, but it sure seemed effective for me. Hope you are both feeling tops soon. Wee ones are sooo contagious.

Donna said...

I'm SO sorry y'all are so sick!! Haven't tried Cold they sell it in the US? I'll have to look. You get better soon! Sending lots of warm winds and healing your way!!hughugs

JunieRose2005 said...

Ahh, gee!

So sorry you and Cuppa are both sick with the colds!

And DO hope you were able to get some good sleep last night!

Take care,

Junie Rose

KGMom said...

Uughhh--nothing worse than a cold to lay one low. I don't have a wee one from whom to catch a cold, but I do have unhealthy college freshmen to content with. I have to remind myself to wash my hands after grading their papers! Less colds transmitted that way.