Friday, April 11, 2008

Foto Friday

Above: Cuppa bounces NikkiDee on her knees and sings Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross. To the kid's great joy, we both do this with her from time to time. There's a word in there that doesn't sit too well with some of the aunties, but that's how the rhyme goes, and so that's how we both sing it. She shows her joy with big smiles, but we never seem to be able to capture them on camera, so this will have to suffice for the nonce.

Below: Whilst travelling through the city the other day, we chanced upon this sign, and Cuppa managed to snap a photo before the light turned. Check out the phone number.

Finally, here are two more butterfly photos. I like the first because it shows the nearer butterfly better and the second because it shows the further one better. Which is to say that the perfect butterfly photo eludes me.




Mel said...

Those butterflies are beautiful!!

ChrisB said...

If I could take butterfly photos like those I would be entering competitions.

megz_mum said...

I saw a lovely phone number for a dentist - 1800 SMILE

Anonymous said...

au contraire, mon ami, you have captured the elusive butterfly (photo)

Janet said...

Yes, indeed, beautiful butterflies. I've never seen one that color.
And forgive my ignorance, but what word in Banbury Cross could possibly give the aunties pause? Either I'm just jaded, or your version is different from ours.

Kila said...

What beautiful butterfly photos!

I love Cuppa's hair :)

Rachel & Natalie's Mommy said...

I have been reading & enjoying your blog for quite some time now and I admit I've been bad and haven't left a comment but today I just HAVE to :)

My husband is going to get a kick out of your entry today because he thinks my Mother is absolutely off her rocker when she sings 'Ride a cockhorse...' to our oldest daughter while giving her a ride on her leg. I will never forget the first time she sang that - the look on his face was priceless; one I wish we had captured on video. It became a big joke in our house and everytime our daughter Rachel would want a ride on Grandma's leg, my husband would laugh because he thought my Mom made this song up!

Thank you for the chuckle today...and always. Your pictures you post are absolutely beautiful and I always look forward to reading your entry for the day while I have 'Me Time' (my daughters are 20 months and 2.5 months so it's a little crazy at times).

Enjoy your weekend!


JunieRose2005 said...

:) Interesting shots of the butterflies-and they are beautiful!

:) I don't know that song You and Cuppa sing for Nikki Dee!

Little ones always like their horsey rides on laps and knees, and the fun songs that go with them!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I like the butterfly picture. Your narrow depth of field focus make the forward butterfly appear three dimensional.

You have to watch those nursery rhymns. Some of them can have nasty hidden meanings.

Ginnie said...

That's quite an array of photos, AC, are really an accomplished photographer.

Coll said...

These two butterflies look similar but different.. are they of the same species. How wonderful to have captured two at the same time.

Love the doggy day care phone number.. definitely easily remembered.

And little NikkiDee is getting cuter with every passing day.

Pam said...

I disagree, the butterfly photos are lovely, absolutely.

The picture of Cuppa and NikkiDee captures one of those special moments... you never know about some of those nursery rhymes, though.

Pearl said...

butterflies are a wonderful boost in a grey day...thanx.

KGMom said...

The ride a cock horse nursery rhyme is one that I used for both my children, but I never thought of any hidden meaning. So I did look it up on Google--various meanings are offered.
Hmmm--why can't a nursery rhyme just be a nursery rhyme?

dabrah said...

Those butterfly pictures look pretty perfect to me. And NikkiDee looks adorable. Banbury is just up the road a bit from here. When my kids were little we used to sing them the rhyme whenever we passed through there.