Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Where are the Worms?

Just a Robin

Cuppa noticed this robin sitting in our tree yesterday morning. We were downstairs and our cameras were upstairs, but the bird continued to sit patiently while I took the time to change to my telephoto lens. I took pictures from both upstairs and downstairs, and still she remained. She was probably too stunned to move and consumed with wondering where the heck the worms and and berries could possibly be.

The top version is with normal, minimal post processing. In the bottom version, I really boosted the contrast and saturation.

Just a Robin

A Little Something for Janet

I know it's not much good int his size, but here it is anyway.


Ruth said...

We still have a snowbanks a couple feet high on our boulevard, but I was surprised on Saturday to see a robin pull a worm up from the bare edge close to the sidewalk.I thought the ground would still be too frozen for the worms to move.
I like pictures well saturated with colour as a rule.

Janet said...

The robin is beautiful. We haven't seen any yet. We usually do have 5 or 6.
THe tree came out beautifully!!!! Thank you!

JunieRose2005 said...

Oh!! I LOVE the Robin pictures!!

We usually have Robin come thru and hang around for just a few days! It's usually early in the year here ...however, I didn't see them at all this time! :(


Donna said...

Nice pictures! Poor little bird! Looks cold...hughugs

thailandchani said...

Simply lovely! These pictures are really beautiful! We haven't seen too many around here - urban blight that it is - so I count on yours and Mary's to remind me. :)

Amanda said...

What a beautiful photograph.


Coll said...

In this part of the world Robins equate hope. I too saw my first one this week. What a beautiful photo of this pretty girl.