Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Our fantabulous weather appears to be over for the time being, and we are settling into more normal Spring temperatures — closer to 50°F rather than 75°F. What with the low temperature and cloud and wind, it was a might nippy when we headed over to be with Nikki Dee this morning. But it appears to be a bit sunnier now, and perhaps I'll get the little one out for a walk before the morning wanes.

The colds continue to hang on. In fact, mine has revived a bit after a day and a half when I was beginning to feel better. On the bright side, however, my throat isn't as sore, and I didn't cough last night. The night before was bad for coughing, and as a result I was up a lot. However, when I think of it, which isn't nearly as often as it should be, I try to practice Eckhardt Tolle's principal of being aware of the present. So, when I couldn't sleep, I refused to get frustrated or worry about being tired the next day. Instead I told myself that I simply wasn't sleeping but that I was comfortable. I tried to be aware of my bodily position and to sense comfort in it, and I think it helped.

Also, The Bonnie Wee One had a rather fine day yesterday not requiring the distraction of the electronic babysitter even once. Again, I tried to be present with her as much as possible. I walked with her when she wanted to and endeavoured to soak it the joy of holding her little hands because she won't require my assistance much longer. In truth she probably doesn't need it now, but she's a little too timid to let go. So, we walked a bit, danced a bit, and read a bit. She also entertained herself a lot too, and we had a real good day.

I hope you have a good day too.


Donna said...

My day was...interesting..lol..but am So glad your feeling better!! Sunny day to you!!hughugs

Janet said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better as well!
Nikki Dee is too too cute. I love the photo of her hanging out by the fence.

Amanda said...

I'm glad your beginning to feel better, that was a long drawn out cold/flu.
It's great you are having so much fun babysitting, Nikki Dee is too cute!


womaninawindow said...

So hard to be in the moment, isn't it? Good on you for trying and for offering the thought that my son might hug me close when I'm 90-Such a lovely thought.

ExpatKat said...

Love the look of the site. Aptly named post. Being present is something I have to work on continuously. Glad you soaked up your experience with the wee one.

Valerie - Still Riding said...

You look like you may have been having too much fun!

Go, Granpa!

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to when I too will be cradling a small hand(s) in mine. I think part of what makes grand parenthood so special is that we have the wisdom and the time to appreciate these moments.
I too am making attempts to be present. Part of my daily practice is to recognize my well established patterns of worry and then attempt to let them go. I too think it is helping.