Thursday, April 17, 2008

Midweek Medley

I had intended to write and post this last night when it was still midweek by my standards, but by then I had totally run out of steam. After uploading just one photo, I gave it up as a lost cause. So, I'll write it today and half pretend that it's still Wednesday.

Cold and Sleep: This has to be the worst and most stubborn cold of all time. On Monday night I tried the Vicks on the feet and nose thing that some of you recommended, and I regretfully report that this remedy helped me not one iota. Therefore, little sleep was obtained.

But it got worse on the next night, Tuesday. I went out to purchase some cough and sinus medication. It turned out to be a most horrid idea, or at least the execution of the idea was wretched. I bought daytime medication, thinking that I wouldn't need anything to help me sleep. Bad mistake: although the meds worked well to relieve the cold symptoms, I was wired all night and got very little sleep — again!

Last night, I did get some nighttime medication and slept much better, and this morning, I went back on the daytime stuff. After a week, my throat remains sore, my head continues to be stuffed, and the coughing abates not.

Breakfast Out: But I had reserved Wednesday morning to take Thesha out for lunch. In effect, it was my last opportunity before she goes back to work next week. Since Cuppa has been sick too, we had decided to take Nikki Dee with us rather than ask Cuppa to babysit. Then, during my sleepless night, I realized that it would not be nice to leave Cuppa home alone, so the Father-Daughter breakfast for two became an outing for four.

We went to Temple's Sugar Bush and had a great breakfast, or at least I did. For me, it may have been the best breakfast out since we arrived in The Valley. Back in Sarnia, the Smitty's was great and where we'd head every now and then, but, although there are adequate breakfast places around here, they don't quite measure up to that Smitty's. And perhaps Temple's isn't quite in that league either, but yesterday's meal was really, really good, and I was glad that the four of us were out together.

Here is a photo of Thesha and me at the restaurant. Maybe you can tell that we have dipped into a similar gene pool? She's had a great year off from work to give The Bonnie Wee One a wonderful start in life, but now it's time for her to head back to the daily grind. I'm very proud of her; she is a fantastic mother and a great human being.

Shirkingly Great: Which brings me the next and final inclusion for this Midweek Medley. And that has to do with D#2, or Althegal, or Bat, whichever you prefer. She's the one on the west coast working on her MA. She was granted a wonderful scholarship to cover this year but applied for a SSHRC (pronounced shirk) scholarship for next year. This is a highly prestigious award and very difficult to obtain. When it is granted, it is usually for PhD students. Well, the girl called the other night to inform us that she had been chosen for this scholarship, and that it will cover her school expenses and many of her living expenses next year.

My two daughters walk very different paths in life, which is how it should be, and they are both amazing people. Althegal is the one who physically displays the genetic material from Cuppa's side. However, I like how one perspicacious friend put in many years ago: Thesha looks like John but acts like Cuppa; Althegal looks like Cuppa but acts like John. Phew! They were both able to overcome some of their paternal liability with traits that come from Mom.

I posted this picture of Althegal et moi last year, just before we went out for breakfast (we're a breakfasty bunch, I guess), this one a Fathers Day brekky, overlooking English Bay in Vancouver. She and Puff had just given me that jaunty chapeau and I wore it proudly that day and have worn it a lot since. Isn't she a sweetie? Perhaps you can tell that I was a little teary-eyed for that photo; it was so emotional to be with the daughter that I see less on that special day.

Congratulations Kid!!!

Day 12


Rachel & Natalie's Mommy said...

You have such a beautiful family! Your daughters are both gorgeous and if they are anything like you, their partners are blessed!

I love the relationship you have with your girls (including the wee one) & Cuppa remind me soooo very much of my own parents. Must be why I was drawn to your blog in the first place :)

Hope you have the same wonderful weather we are having. 17 degrees and sunny. We actually have the windows open. Nothing like fresh air, especially when we've all been sick.

Speaking of 'sick'...I truly hope you feel better soon. Too bad the Vicks didn't work. Sometimes these things just need to run their course.

Hang in there :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! That is a stubborn cold that one! I hope you are feeling better soon but at least you still got out. Your girls are beautiful and your relationship with them is testament to yours and Cuppas's parenting. :o) Nice work. I'm proud of my two and I hope they both find their own individual niches in life as your girls have.
I've been rubbish at visiting friends this week so I apologise!

megz_mum said...

Congratulations on the scholarship, that will certainly make for less financial stress!
Hope the cold leaves you alone soon....

Lorna said...

I love these photos, as well as the description of you guys as a breakfasty family---we're also an eat-together family, but breakfast is seldom the meal we can get together for. Too bad---Dave is the supreme breakfast-maker.

marmalade said...

what a sweet post!

i really genuinely love you all so much!

you all are amazing people in your own special ways.

sending you all love, hugs and kisses from SK!