Thursday, April 14, 2005

Silly Couches, Silly Livingrooms

In this blog, Debra explains that they have decided to go couchless. I thought that rather amazing when I read it. Why do the rest of us never think of that? Why do we all have couches anyway? Just because that's the way it has always been, I suspect.

In a sense, it's odd that I choose to read Debra's blog, as i see it now, as it's a godblog. Most posts deal with her spiritual life. In her case, I don't find it a turn-off because she writes with sensitivity and Christian maturity: doesn't shout, threaten, or cajole but writes of her daily walk. I believe that many people could apply most of her thoughts and principles to their lives even though they might view life through less spiritual lenses.

Whether this blog is your cuppa (as opposed to my Cuppa), you may begin to wonder like I, why we have all of these stupid couches all over the place. Don't you also wonder why most of us have living rooms (couches included) in which we don't live? We hardly ever venture into ours, for example. Silly that!



swamp4me said...

We have been pondering getting rid of the couch lately. Must be something in the air. *g* Now that the kids are out of the house, the couch doesn't get as much use and it takes up so much space.
Perhaps we should begin a "Go Couchless" campaign and encourage more armchair use.

Judy said...

I love couches! I have four if you count the love seat. I hope getting rid of them really catches on, and that people bring them to the thrift store, so there will be more for me Me ME!

(oops...sorry...i got carried away)

Christi said...

We live in our living room. We do everything in there. Of course, we have a tiny little apartment, and the only other place to go is to bed! If we didn't have our one little couch and recliner, I venture to say we'd sleep a whole lot more!