Thursday, April 14, 2005

Shakespeare Lives

Spring Bulbs are one of the first things that I planted in the garden several years ago when I became interested in gardening. I now think that they should go in last because they continue to take up room long after they are finished blooming, and they affect the space you have to plant your summer perennials.

This species tulip (as I think it is called), is one example. I have done so much digging and moving of plants that I have lost all but this one bulb. If I remember correctly, this cultivar is called Shakespeare.



swamp4me said...

I planted tulip bulbs one year -- the voles ate every one of them. My younger son even had a tug of war with one vole, as it ate the bulb my son grabbed the flower stalk and the battle ensued. The vole made off with the bulb and my son brought the flower in and put it in a vase.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty flower. We don't even have buds yet. Voles ate a lot of my bulbs, too, but I'll still have tulips and iris and daylilies (I think!)

Toni said...


Christi said...

What on earth is a vole? It makes me think of a Gremlin!