Saturday, April 16, 2005

A Fine Sunsit

We have been fortunate this spring. After a long winter that didn't seem to want to let go, everything began to change quickly come April. We have been riding the bikes further and more frequently than we ever thought we would. Crocuses have come and gone, and daffodils are beginning to bloom.

Today, we enjoyed our first sunsit. We have a small, sheltered, southern exposure by our side door, and we decided that we would be able to enjoy it today. Although the air temperature and winds would have not been favourable in most spots, but we were blessed in our private, little place.

I started off wearing a light sweater and sweatpants. Soon, the sweater came off, and I found that I was comfortable in just a tee shirt — for a short while, at least. Shortly, however, my legs began to feel too warm; so, I switched to shorts. Whodathunkit so early in the year?

The Cupmeister and I sat out there for the best part of two hours, me wrapped up in The Da Vinci Code and her in Swamp Angel. Quite a treat for mid-April in Canada. Tomorrow, the plan is to pedal to the lake, and we think that it will be mild enough to take a picnic lunch. If not, we'll enjoy the ride and coffee at Tim's.

I did notice something while we were sitting out and reading this afternoon. It was the Cupmeister's ability to sit placidly for a long time. Frequently, the old AC found himself getting up and stretching or just meandering aimlessly around the garden. I have noticed this before: my need to twitch about compared to her ability to sit serenely. Sometimes, I theorize that the female bottom is better designed for sitting comfortably for long periods.

However, I can also remember when we were younger, and even stupider than we are now, when we would sunbathe for hours by the lake near the old cottage. Cupmeister would be able to lie upon that towel interminably. It would drive me benders.

Perhaps it has something to do with the hunter versus the gatherer mindset. Perhaps it is just a personality difference. Whatever the explanation, I did enjoy my sunsit this afternoon, even if I did have to get up and stretch with some regularity.


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Christi said...

I think it's all in who you are. My husband could lay on the couch for days if I would let him (and he didn't have to work!). I, however, can't make it for more than half an hour w/o getting up and moving around. I toss and turn in my sleep, and he stays in one position virtually the whole night. I am super fidgety, compared to my still and calm hubby. I'm a little strange, so it doesn't completely shoot down your male/female theory, but...

Yesterday my hubby took our little boy on a bike ride. He told me all about it, and they had a wonderful time together. He likes to adventure and find new things, and undoubtedly he found a lot of new stuff in the area around our home. I couldn't go b/c I'm too prego (and his tire was dry-rotted on his bike, so he took my tire!). However, I got to go on adventures in shopping, and I got to go ALONE, so it was well worth it for me, too! I love bike rides!