Monday, April 18, 2005

Beauty and Pain

I don't have any hyacinths in my garden. It's one thing that I never got around to planting. Silly me!

Fortunately, our neighbour has a few, and I couldn't help but step over the boundary line today to take this shot. Pretty combination don't you think? I lay on the grass to take the photo and certainly got close enough to inhale the fragrance. What wonderful plants these.

I almost feel bad to find some joy and beauty when there is such pain and suffering on another blog that most of us follow. Pain is pain. Beauty is beauty. Both are realities of life. But such pain as they bear is truly overwhelming, and we are all powerless to help. There are no magic words, no trite answers.

Our thoughts are with you. We are saddened.



Ginger said...

How stunning! I've loved hyacinths ever since I first saw them one spring in my auntie's garden in Holland.

Anvilcloud said...

What timing! You got that comment up before I added the message.

Christi said...

Let me ask you this: What do I do now? Do you think she will still read the blogs? I know she will no longer be posting, but will she still read ours? I ask this b/c I feel quite guilty right now still being pregnant. What if everything goes just fine? I don't want to say anything that would upset either one of them? I don't even feel right talking about my little one I've already got anymore. What would you do if you were me?

Loner said...

The hyacinths are beautiful - the purple ones are my favorites - adn the scent is just like heaven -well, at least I hope it is.
There is a season for all things, a time for mourning and a time for laughter. In spite of that feeling like surely the world has stopped spinning, it doesn't - and loss doesn't dimish the joy of new life- it is inescapable, whirling all around us especially in the spring. For my vote, Christi, write on and honor the life of one taken way too soon.