Sunday, April 10, 2005

Q&A 4 (and final)

What is your favourite month? Now that I don't have to go back to the teaching grind every September, I think I must pick that month. It's still summer, but not torridly so. There are still lots of flowers in bloom, but the pesky mosquitoes are rapidly diminishing. In the last few years, we have gone away in September: once down east, but usually to the cottage. Yes, it's a good month.

What was the last movie you watched? My Fair Lady. It was the first things we taped when we got our PVR (DVR) just a few weeks ago. I had never sat down and watched this famous flick, but I'm not quite glad that I did. Since then, we have watched several two-or-more-part British detective series, which should count as movies due to their lengths: Inspector Lynley, Inspector Dalgliesh, and Silent Witness.

What book are you reading? Liberating the Gospels: Reading the Bible with Jewish Eyes. This is the second of John Spong's books that I have read (or am reading). In a nutshell, he contends that the gospels were written by Jews and that we can't properly understand them unless we begin to understand what that means. They were designed as liturgical readings to complement the reading of The Torah throughout the Jewish liturgical year. As such, they were never intended to be factual and chronological accounts of the life of Christ but to show who He was/is.

What did you watch on TV last night? Ah, finally an important question! American Idol. Yes, we are Idol worshippers, both the American and Canadian versions. I think that's all we watched last night, which isn't a lot — only a half hour. However, we frequently watch Dr Phil and/or Oprah in the afternoon. I think we watched Phil yesterday.

Well, that's thirteen questions out of fifty-five in the survey that I was sent. I think the survey was intended to be filled in and mailed back, but why pass up potential blog material?

PS: We didn't really watch American Idol last night. This post was already up in draft mode, but I didn't hit the publish button until now.


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kathy said...

Hi Anvilcloud!
well, where i live, we don't get much wheather! its either hot in the summer and cold (more like cool) in the winter. I love fall wheather, i quess my favorite month would be october...when fall shows up.
We rented a really dumb movie a few days ago, it was called "Grudge". I like a good Horror movie, but it wasn't. I'm reading a great book that my father-in-law gave me in Las Vegas last month, its called (And don't laugh ok?) "How to win friends & Influence people" by Dale Carnegie. I quess my father-in-law thought i might could use this book! LOL and the last question, What did we watch on TV last night? Hmmm? that was such a long time ago i can't remember...something about this HUGE snake, Ah yes...The snake King! but i was doing laundry and didn't really watch much of it.