Monday, April 04, 2005

Crocus Photo

I wanted to take another photo of a crocus — a single crocus — for possible use as a web graphic at some point. Crocuses are so close to the ground that the background wasn't at all appealing, not in a straight, overhead shot at least. Once again, I extracted the bloom from the rest of the photo, but the flower itself is a regular, unfiltered photo this time; I have simply added a mat and frame. I may also run some filters on this photo for my next post and change the mat or eliminate it. We shall see.

Meanwhile, let me say that it's nice to see a bit of colour out there. It's a very little bit, only a few crocuses almost lost in the garden — or the debris that will once again become a garden.



Christi said...

Purple is my favorite color! I love your picture!

Karla said...

I just love your digitized art work. You really do have a great talent there!

I noticed some buds in our front walkway garden yesterday. I was tickled pink. Wasn't the weather amazing yesterday?

Heather said...

Oooooh! I LOVE crocuses! Nice work! They always remind me of my childhood home - a tiny dying town in rural Manitoba that was known for miles around for its population of wild crocuses. Every spring, we'd head to the field between the train tracks and the highway and see who could spot the first crocus. The wild ones are much fuzzier than the domesticated ones - seems they need more protection from the cold :-) (Makes me want to take a drive out there just to see if I can spot one!)

-epm said...

Another nice shot... All these spring shots are making me a bit jealous. Down here in Deertown we just got our first glimps of earth this past weekend as the April showers washed away all but the most resistant of snow packs, but not even the hint of a crocus. The Canada Geese are starting to arive, and I've heard the song of the Phoebe and Robin, but these seem to be the forward scouts and not the flock proper.

Rurality said...

Hi, "SwampThings" sent me! :)

Love your pictures. I am really enjoying watching the progress of spring this year via blog photos.