Monday, April 11, 2005

Daffodil Update

Three and a half weeks ago, I posted a photo of newly sprouting daffodils. At the time, it was so remarkable to me because the ground had been covered with snow until just a few short days prior to that, and I had been bemoaning the long and unceasing winter. Then I saw the daffodil shoots.

About a week and a half ago, I posted this photo of their progress. And you see, above, where we are today. They are just beginning to open. no doubt I'll post one more when the clump is more fully open. I have many clumps planted, but this one is the first to sprout and flower every year.

Just imagine, it takes four weeks or less for these bulbs to sprout and blossom. Four weeks! Meanwhile, I've been trying to bloom for fifty-eight years now and haven't quite managed it — not to the extent of these little spring flowers anyway.



Dale said...

How do plants do it, AC? Roots down. Stalk up. How do they know? Honestly! It's really quite a miracle, if you think of it. Keep posting the pics, my friend. They're really lovely. And of course, it's "Raindrops" that help the flowers grow!

swamp4me said...

Our daffodils blooms are just about all gone now. They were pretty while they lasted though.