Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Little Irony, A Little Inspiration

Life is full of ironies, some little some fairly sizeable. I encountered a little one yesterday, shortly after publishing A Canadian Hero.

Our side door faces south and is quite sheltered from the breezes. There are times when that can be deceptive. Like yesterday. We headed out on the bikes for what we supposed would be a lovely pedal in warm gentle breezes.

Hah! Once we hit the streets, we were quickly disabused. The winds were anything but gentle. One might have been tempted to to call the whole ride off.

Except that it was Terry Fox's twenty-fifth anniversary, and I had just written about him! As we pedalled directly into the stiff spring winds, I kept thinking of Terry.

"It was on this day, twenty-five years ago that he dipped his artificial foot into the Atlantic ocean. And he started to run. He ran for 143 days, through all kinds of weather and over all kinds of terrain. He ran one one leg for a longer distance than I am attempting to pedal with two good legs. Surely, you can do it AC. Surely, today of all days, you can do it. You will do it, AC. By God, today of all days, you will do it!"



Dale said...

And did you? And Cuppa too?

Cuppa said...

Hi Dale
Yes we did and had a marvellous but windy ride out to the lake. Thoughts of Terry spun around in our heads and hearts while the wheels spun around on the ground.