Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Lesson of the Crocus

This past week, I posted a series of crocus photo, most of them filtered in some way. This is a straight photo, but it almost doesn't look like one. I think that there was just enough of a breeze (or camera shake — no must have been a breeze <g> ) to throw the flowers just a little out of focus and make them look just a bit like a painting. In this photo, the background was blurry enough that I didn't feel the need to change or eliminate it.

That's it for crocuses for this year. They stay but a short while, perhaps less than a week. Mine were done a few days ago, but I didn't get this photo posted until now.

Something doesn't have to live long to brighten its corner of the world. The pleasure that a crocus provides in its few short days is truly a treasure. Dare I suggest that we of the supposedly higher life forms would do well to emulate these short-lived wonders? How many of us, with me at the top of the list, have brought as much pleasure to someone's life as a mere crocus today?


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Christi said...

I hope everyday that I say something to someone that will make them smile, at least for a second. My favorite thing to do when I'm at Wal-Mart is to actually talk to the cashier, and ask him/her how her day is. When they turn their frowns into smiles, I love it!