Monday, April 04, 2005

The Common Mallard

... common but beautiful

When we walk by the local ponds or in the wetlands, it amuses us greatly to hear the ducks quaking. Perhaps quacking is not the right words, for I am speaking of their big, raucous noises that sound as if they are laughing uproariously at a wonderful joke. Perhaps they are.


swamp4me said...

Since green is my favorite color, I am inclined to agree, mallards are beautiful.

kathy said...

we have a park not too far from us and the pond there is full of ducks...i love hearing them Laugh too! i also love seeing them waddle thier butts around! LOL soooo Cute to watch! :-)

Christi said...

At the lake right next to our house, there are a ton of mallards. They are my favorite ducks there. There are some pretty unattractive ones there, but I love to see the ones with the green heads, especially when they turn and their heads turn blue!