Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pole Conquered Again

Almost one hundred years ago, Robert Peary claimed to have made it to the North Pole by dogsled in thirty-seven days. Many doubted both the time and the method of conveyance.

Almost one hundred years later, a team led by Tom Avery replicated the feat in five hours less. They had a GPS and lots of documentation.

It can't be proved that Peary truly reached the North Pole, but it is now proven that it can be done. In that case, why would we doubt?

You can read more about it at the Ultimate North website.



-epm said...

Peary not only reached the Pole, but trekked back out again. When asked if the modern team would do the same, the team leader said that would be impossible. It seems gobal warming has increased to such a degree that the ice sheet breaks up much sooner than it did just several decades ago.

Ah, the "myth" of global warming...

Iona said...

I heard about that in the Dutch news. They said also that this new team had even five hours to spare over the old record!