Thursday, April 07, 2005

Enjoying April's Migraine

It occurs to me that I have been very quiet lately. While I have been posting photos and filters of photos, I haven't said a whole lot. Sometimes, my mind just spins in other directions; that's all.

While I have promised myself not to blog about every single bicycle ride this season, I haven't been able to help but mention the first one or two, and yesterday, well yesterday, we really did it! What we did was ride the trail all of the way out to our little spot on the great big lake. It's about a 32k/20m round trip that takes us the best part of two hours of pedalling.

When we get out there, however, we always stop at Tim Horton's for coffee. Into the saddle bag go the steamy cups, and down to the lookout we go. We get our little viewing platform, and out comes the coffee and quite often a little lunch. Yesterday, we had it all, and rather enjoyed ourselves, even if there was a ton of ice still over the water.

It was quite an unexpected treat. I hadn't considered that we would be able get out on the big ride for quite a while yet. April's weather can be incommodious to say the least. If the old girl is not being unmercifully chilly or incredibly windy, she is generally pouring all over her spring flowers. And even if she grants a nice day, one expects that recent showers would generally render the trail a mucky mess that is not to be trifled with.

So, it was rather delightful to be able to ride the trail all of the way out to a place on the lake that we call The Grove. April was pretty darn kind to us yesterday. Perhaps, she was in bed with a migraine and not up to her duties. She did eventually rouse herself into action, however. In the last few miles, she kicked up quite a fuss and blew strongly right into our faces, but we persevered our way through her last-minute, hissy fit and arrived home none too much the worse for wear. In fact, we arrived home in pretty darn fine spirits.



Melodee said...

Sounds completely lovely.

Christi said...

We have a lake right down the street from us, and there's a playground around on the other side of it. We go there a lot, and go for walks and the like. They have ducks and geese there, too, so we get to feed them whenever I can remember to bring bread. Yesterday we went for a walk around the lake and I thought of you. I saw 8 little tiny baby ducklings, (I think that's what they're called) and I wished I had brought my camera. I also saw a mallard that looked just like the one in your pic. I wanted so bad to take pictures of them. Of course, the twenty minutes it would have taken me to walk home and get it, then twenty more to walk back pretty much put an end to that idea! Anyway, if I can remember next time, I'm going to take some pics and post something in your honor.

Anonymous said...

We've had beautiful weather here, too. And again today.

Heather Plett said...

Sounds DELIGHTFUL! You've inspired me. I think I'll take the bike down from the garage rafters tonight. The weather has been cooperating around here too, and we have to enjoy it while it lasts, 'cause April usually has a few surprises in store.

swamp4me said...

We hike and canoe but never bike. I guess it stems from the fact that my husband never had a bicycle growing up and thus has never felt quite comfortable riding. It sounds as if you had a magic day -- although I can't quite imagine a lake mostly covered in ice in April, quite exotic :).