Sunday, July 01, 2018

Canada Day!

It's the 151st anniversary of our nation's birth today. I saw this flag last summer and saved it for today (although I may have also posted it at the time). I like it flying gently framed by two trees, and I gave it a wee bit of a vintage finish in post.

We are not a perfect country, but I think we're pretty darn good. We are inclusive, welcome immigrants, provide health care for all, and try to meet people's basic needs. Canada is a vast and somewhat underpopulated country, and it costs a little more to live here, but it is always rated highly on quality of life types of indexes, with a longer average life span than our neighbours.

Celebratory events will be going on everywhere today, but Sue and I will be chilling, or trying to chill, indoors. OMG! it's hot out. Since stores will be closed for the official statutory holiday tomorrow rather than today on July 01, I headed to the grocery store for provender. I exaggerate not when I tell you that loading the car -- only two bags plus one case of pop -- driving 5 minutes home, and then unloading that same paltry packages, I was drenched by the fierce heat and humidity and required a shower.

So tonight, like last year (because it had been raining then) if I shoot fireworks, it shall be from our bedroom window and not some more desirable location.

I wanted some pics in my Canada garb, but I wouldn't even go back outside, so I managed some selfies indoors in our cramped space. I even found a very old pair of white shorts stuffed away in my cupboard to stay with the red and white theme although I am afraid that the hat does not quite match.

But the hat is still very Canadian being a Canadian-made Tilley. These hats (and other clothes) are expensive but they last for a very long time, and if they do wear out, Tilley will replace them. I don't usually wear the hatband, but I stuck it on for the day.

The hat is old -- 15 years is my guess -- but the socks are new, purchased just this week from a new retailer in town. I could not resist. I mean what can be more Canadian than a beaver and a Canada Goose within a red maple leaf (you can't see the back, but trust me on this)?

The selfie shooting was made somewhat easier by the Canon app for my phone. I can set the camera up as a wifi hotspot, and then the phone shows me the composition from where I am standing, so I can maneuver myself into the frame appropriately. I can also change the variables -- shutter, aperture, ISO -- right from my phone and then fire the trigger. The app came in handy today, even though it may not be terribly useful in most situations.

So that's my Canada Day really. I imagine that Sue and I will watch quite a few episodes of Dalziel and Pascoe on Britbox to pass the time over the rest of this torrid day.


Vicki Lane said...

Love the outfit!

Marie Smith said...

Hot and humid here too though not as bad as you have it. We are not accustomed to the combination.

Happy Canada Day. Too bad it’s too hot to wear it outside.

Peace Thyme said...

Love them socks!!

Very hot here too, in Colorado although not much humidity, as usual. We could sure use some rain to help with the fires but that is not in the forecast.

Happy Canada Day!

Jenn Jilks said...

That is so fun. It is amazingly hot. I got into my kiddie pool, but even that was hot!
I was hoping the kids would be here, but they weren't. It makes all the difference. I'm still coughing, feeling awful.

Christina said...

Happy Canada Day! Sorry to be late. Having recently visited Canada for the first time, I think I could make it my home, there was a good vibe all around. I’d love to visit again one day soon and spend more time exploring. Love your special socks!

MARY G said...

Yeah! Very patriotic there, AC. We chilled as well. Quietest day in a long time. I did a few things like fill the birdfeeders and dump the compost and retreated to the air conditioning, gasping. I cannot imagine being on the Hill in that humidity and heat.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated Canada Day celebratory wishes and fun selfies. Grenville also enjoys his Tilley hat, minus a Canada headband