Thursday, July 12, 2018

Celtfest Candids

While I suppose that, technically speaking, all of my Celtfest shots are candids, here I distinguish between concert shots and crowd shots.

This man dances exuberantly every year. He'll dance alone or in a group. He encourages others to join in just by doing what he does.

Speaking of dancing, the kids did their part.

This exotic beauty was sitting only about 6' away, but I was able to sneak a shot without her knowing.

This fellow was checking his shots.

This nearby couple snuggled a bit but nothing offputting.

You can also do other things, particularly between acts while they are resetting the stage.

I liked this man's beard and look in general. I see that he brought or perhaps bought an extra hat.

This water station was running low by the end of the day, but there were other stations.

And there was m'lady, the colourful and somewhat flamboyant Susanne to complete the day. She was using the umbrella to block the rays of the low, setting sun.


Silver Willow said...

Great shots! I remember my hubby and I, once or twice while dating, would go to the airport JUST to people watch. It's fun!

Mara said...

That last shot is just so great. The light coming through the umbrella is just a fantastic extra.

Mage said...

Just delightful photos. The color portrait of the guy at the top is awfully good, and is the charming lady at the bottom. What fun we have when taking our camera's to these affairs.

Marie Smith said...

Great photos. They give a real sense of the occasion!

Jenn Jilks said...

WEll done, again! They are fine shots, especially of your lady!

PipeTobacco said...

As always, your photography is beautiful!

I especially like the moments you captured of the fellow in the first two images. And, the black & white image..... so, so good! That one in particularly tells a rich, detailed story!

Again, thank you!


MARY G said...

You do candid most splendidly, and yes, the umbrella is marvellous, as are the kids in the sunset light.

Peace Thyme said...

It is so nice to see people of our age and generation having great fun and enjoying life. The shot of your wife holding the umbrella is a lovely picture. She looks to be a free me.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

As wonderful as it always is to see your posts of the performers, this one featuring audience members was great candid photography, John.