Monday, July 02, 2018

Fireworks in the Bedroom

LOL ... the fireworks weren't really in the bedroom, but I shot fireworks from the bedroom. Although the fireworks are a fair distance away, we can see them clearly from our room. However, we're not as close as it appears in the photos which are cropped.

It was just too darn hot yesterday to head out, find a spot, and stand there shooting while getting bitten alive, so I did what I could under the circumstances, which is becoming my motto. I want to practice taking shots anyway, so I might know what to do if I manage to get to a good spot sometime -- not just for fireworks, but in general.

I couldn't figure what I was doing wrong at first but finally realized that I had set the timer for 0.4 seconds when it should have been 4 seconds. So, I trashed about half my shots but still got plenty. I may make some composites later, but these are the first shots that I have processed.

I have made some reminder notes for myself below the photos but the exposure information might be useful for you if you are about to try your hand at it, say on July 04 -- see points 4 and 5.

Notes to self for next year (because I forget although I am also likely to forget that I made this note)

  1. Focus around the steeple and to the left of it
  2. Compose above the lights in the building (point camera up)
  3. Maybe zoom in a little tighter than 100mm but not too much
  4. ISO 100  f11 (or f9 - f11)  4 seconds (not 0.4 seconds)
  5. May be able to go longer than 4 seconds


Marie Smith said...

Great photos AC. I will always be a point and shoot person, with the camera of course.

Silver Willow said...

Excellent job, AC!!!

Hena Tayeb said...

so pretty!

troutbirder said...

Well done as always.

MARY G said...

Tripod? Did you have the room dark? You got wonderful clarity. Nice, she said jealously.

Doris Potter said...

Well done! I love the drama of firework photos!

Jim Flack said...

Great lead-in title to your blog post, AC. Great picture of actual fireworks, too!

Jenn Jilks said...

I really loathe amateur fireworks. Your photos are wonderful, though. There were several fires over the weekend, sadly.

Sandi said...

Oh, wow! How great it is to be able to see these from a window!