Monday, July 23, 2018

Kids Week, Day 4

We'd been playing the game off and on for 4 days, when we took steps to speed it up by trading properties to allow for houses and hotels. JJ had the least posh of the blocks, but we all kept on landing there, and he kept miraculously missing everybody else's properties. So there you go.

I was cleaned out first, then Sue. JJ and Danica battled it out until the end.

(Too many videos below for the casual drop-on-by blogger, but they are more for personal records. Passers-by are not expected to watch or comment.)

Of course there was another bike ride. This time I wore the GoPro. I just need to keep my head up more as I barely kept the kids in the frame.

Just past that boardwalk at the end of the previous video, we stopped by the water once again. I took a brief clip of the kids and then panned west to east along the river.

Then it was off to the "mountain" bike course for JJ to strut his stuff. He wore the GoPro to record his adventure: an adventure than ended in a tumble.

Meanwhile, these two beautiful gals rocked the time away (so to speak).

Having recovered from his wounds, JJ did a few tricks.

After a respite at home, with more Monopoly, we drove to the park for a picnic lunch. I set up the camera on timer for a little group portrait. I might even print this one, or maybe not because JJ is munching.

We were there for maybe 90 minutes, during which time JJ grabbed the camera and snapped a lot of pictures, mostly of Danica, and she was glad to oblige.


Virginia Dean said...

After all these years I feel like I'm part of the family so here's my comment. JJ, like his sister, has really followed in your foot steps AC. They are both skillful with a camera … whether taking the pixs or showing their acting skills in front of it. Adorable !!

Silver Willow said...

What a wonderful time, wonderful memories, and such great relationships!

Peace Thyme said...

Those children are very photogenic! And, both are at their age when they are "coming into their own", as my mother used to say.

Our family loves board games. We can get wrapped up in them for hours and hours.

Tabor said...

Wonderful and loving memories for you for years to come.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Enjoyed seeing the excursions and photos from Kid Week, day by day, John. I agee with Virginia's moment that we have been watching JJ and Danica grow up, while you and Sue, of course, are remainingbthe same. It's great that they are older now and you can have a fun foursome.

Marie Smith said...

You always have great fun!

MARY G said...

The portrait of Danica with the river behind her is really lovely. Great light.

Jenn Jilks said...

Such a beautiful family! Ours are in Ethiopia, today!