Friday, July 20, 2018

Kid Week, Day 1

This is our week with the kids. There will be another sometime later this summer, but this is our July stint. Today (Friday, as I post this) is actually our last day, but I am just getting around to reporting on the first day — Monday.

So far (as I write about Monday on Tuesday to post on Friday), bicycles are forming an important part of the week. On Monday we headed out on the trail fairly soon after they got here and had consumed breakfast, for it was going to be a hot day. Predictions turned out to be correct; it was a scorcher. But it wasn't too bad early on, especially along the shadier parts of the trail.

We ended up about 4 km from home at St James Park, where we lingered for awhile before turning back toward home.

The international cairn was intriguing. Danica read out the countries that contributed to the cairn. The rest of us found some of them.

Then Danica and I went down toward the river where I showed her the dam. She had trouble with the concept but mostly because she had learned to associate dams with beavers. But there were no beavers. Eventually, we communicated intelligently.

But when I turned around, JJ was on top of the cairn. The boy is a climber, but I'm not sure how he scaled that monument.

He can be quite a performer.

Occasionally, the old guy is still moderately useful, as the boy needed a little help getting down.

Meanwhile, Danica indulged in her favourite pastime — taking selfies.

A few more pics from the day.


Marie Smith said...

Boys are climbers it appears. Our 14 month old grandson is one too, more than his sisters ever were.

It looks like a wonderful day AC. Grandkids keep us active!

Joanne Noragon said...

I wonder his aspirations? My sixteen year old grandson climbs rocks all over this country now. Except this week he is riding his bicycle back to Ohio from Maine.

Jim Flack said...

Grandchildren! They are amazing! My oldest is here visiting from Florida where he is studying culinary arts at some fancy-schmancy restaurant. He's now 25 (where did the time go?) and quite an amazing young man. He insisted on visiting his cousins during his short stay so we trekked the few blocks to my son's home where were were besieged by my other 4 grands. A good time was had by all.
I have watch your grands grow up these last few years through your wonderful photos. They are, as the name implies, simply "grand." (Do we suppose that is where the term "grandchildren" originated?? LOL!)
Hope you and Sue enjoyed your week! Rest up!!

Tabor said...

My grandson is also a climber and jumper and has now advanced to Par core stuff. He terrifies me everyday.

Peace Thyme said...

What absolutely beautiful children!!!

I remember the time we were trying to explain grain silos to my daughter. Went on a cross-country trip and stopped at many railroad places where they emptied silos of grain into incoming trains. Don't know if she ever really understood, but she said she did anyway.

troutbirder said...

Lucky you get to see them as often as you fun. What fun....;)

Jenn Jilks said...

We only have our girls once this summer. They are off to travel the world for 5 weeks. I am sad.
Fun, biking.
I don't believe we've seen the cairn. We must go.