Sunday, July 15, 2018

Piano Time at Six AM

On occasion, I have coffee with two local senior photographers, like me. They are longtime good friends, but they include me every so often which pleases me.

Until just a few days ago, we last got together about two or three weeks prior. It was a last minute affair then, and we sat and gabbed at the coffee shop for four hours. They are both jolly good gabbers, which is great for me, for I am not.

Sue was getting beside herself as the four-hour mark approached because normal people don't usually have coffee for four ours — especially in the evening.

When she messaged me, maybe twenty minutes before the gabfest broke up to see if I was alright, I replied that I was. But I neglected to press SEND. Oh dear.

And then she called twice, but I was already in the car on the way home, so I couldn't answer. She was not in a good frame of mind when I got home. Apparently, she still loves me and was worried about what might have befallen me.

We had coffee again this week, on Saturday morning, for a more respectable hour and a half. During which time, we agreed to meet at six o'clock Sunday morning, to shoot in the quiet downtown.

I think the main goal was to photograph the two artfully painted pianos that have recently been left out in our little downtown. One was still covered because of rain the previous night, but the other is under a canopy, so it was accessible.

This sort of photography isn't my main interest, but one does what one can.

The guys: Bob and Nick in that order.

After we finished with our little shoot, we ... you guessed it ... went for coffee.

But, naturally, I took some other photos which I shall share in due course. Naturally.


Jenn Jilks said...

That's funny! I track hubby with our Enroute. But 4 hours??!! Well, some of his shopping excursions take that long!
It'd be interesting to compare notes in the field. I've never done that.

Joanne Noragon said...

Just look at the side of that piany. Banjo, spoons, bagpipe, washboard, mouth harp, harmonica, fiddle. I hope you went and enjoyed the music, too.

Marie Smith said...

I enjoy photos of people taking photos. Such an interesting perspective.

Peace Thyme said...

I love when cities leave pianos out for people to play. I think it was Sacramento where I saw one such piano being delivered and someone was playing it on the back of the truck as they were riding through town for the delivery.

I have a connection to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and they have pianos in most inside but open spaces for patients and employees to enjoy at any time, day or night. I have heard some wonderful music from some very sick patients. Soothes the soul.

Hena Tayeb said...

lol 4 hours.. that means you had a really great time..

Mage said...

Did anyone play?
What a wonderful and pianos. LOL

Silver Willow said...

you did deserve the scolding you got. You know that, right? LOL

MARY G said...

I did that to my husband a short while back. He was really worried. Miscreants both of us. And I like the peachy dawn shots.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Nothing wrong with coffee and gabbing as i have done it as well. Still nice to know that you were missed! We have several of these pianos around Nashua, NH as well and they are not as photogenic as the ones in your area, John.

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