Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Up on the Rooftops

Our town is said to have the oldest, continually operating canoe club in Canada, which I presume means that there may be an older club which shut down for awhile. But I don't know; I'm just surmising.

They do have a big regatta every year, and this past weekend was it. A few of us were invited to shoot it from a nearby rooftop.

It was four flights up: four often dark and dirty flights. When I say dirty, I mean that there was bird poop everywhere, including on the railings that we were forced to hold on to. My friend, Bob, and I are both of a senior and decrepit bent, he with a bad knee and I with a bad foot (with knees also not exactly great either). But we made it.

The roof was sloped with a peak in the centre, but the pitch wasn't bad. Nevertheless, I stayed pretty far back from the edges.

The sight lines weren't great and the distance was a problem. The lady above had a pretty big zoon lens, so she might have got some better pictures. Later, we moved to a lower roof, but the position still wasn't optimal. I am shooting from the lower roof to the higher one in this ↓ photo.

Some of the regatta shots.

And a few non-regatta shots.

And the spire of townhall poking above the trees.

It was fun to go up there and try.  The height didn't bother me quite as much as I thought it would, but I was pretty careful up there.

And then I hurried home to wash my hands very thoroughly. Very. Bird poop be gone!

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