Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Cat Takes Precedence

This is an odd weekend around here. Sue and I are almost never apart, but we are this weekend, and it feels a bit strange. Now, when I say we're never apart, we do give each other lots of space, but I can wander over to her work corner almost any old time and say hello.

But she's off to our brother-in-law's memorial this weekend, and it seemed best for me to stay home. This is for cat reasons, believe it or not. We didn't think our old girl could be alone for the weekend, particularly when those could might be able to drop in to tend to her are also on the road with Sue.

I know it is odd to give up a weekend for a cat, but she's old and has needed vet care already in her short stay here. So, here I am.

And here she is in a video. See how an old, fat cat has to work herself up for a jump onto our chairs.

But she is a sweetie and likes lap time — a lot. She's been here almost a month now, and I am somewhat surprised that she has made it this long. She still needs a laxative daily to help her along, poor thing.

This ↓ is where she lives, more or less — on the corner of the couch. She can go days without bothering to come upstairs for a visit, but she does go and sleep by the patio door sometimes where she might catch a bit of sun.

I did contribute to Bill's memorial/wake, however, but putting some photos together. I didn't have a lot of photos to work with and mostly poor quality ones at that, but here they are. (BTW you may recall that we also had a memorial last fall, but fractured families and all ...)

Above is a framed 8x10 of some of his qualities and interests. Below is a 13x19 print which pretty much speaks for itself.

A photo of Bill with his daughter (left) and then his granddaughter (right), this weekend being for that side of the family.

Too bad it is necessary to miss the tribute, but I am happy to have contributed something.


Mage said...

You could have hired a cat sitter?
Is she on a diet? Yes, she is lovely.
So sorry this handsome man died.

Mara said...

The things we do for our cats. I think I would have done the same though.

Mara said...

Oh, ps: happy belated birthday to Danica! Love the collage and her birthday card from you is brilliant!

Marie Smith said...

You did a lovely tribute to Bill. Great job!

The cat is a cutie, AC. The video is priceless.

Jenn Jilks said...

My condolences.
No, as a respite/hospice volunteer I know how hard it is to leave someone who isn't well. It's the same for critters.
Our poor deer, with the wonky leg, tugs our heart strings, too!
You don't want to come home to ... well. I think I get it.

Vicki Lane said...

You are a good person . I suspect your friend Bill would understand.

Shammickite said...

Sorry to hear about Bill, I'm sure the memorial will mean a lot to the family.
Are those your toes with the red toenail paint?????

Kay said...

Bill's family will love these beautiful memorial pictures you've created. This was so wonderful of you.

Hilary said...

I have had a lot of catching up to do! I'm intrigued by your cat, so I had to start scrolling back to see how this beauty came into your life. In the meantime, I've seen a lot of your always-wonderful photography, that Sue and Danica have both had milestone events (Belated Happy Birthday, ladies!), that your grands are quite visibly maturing and that your family has endured a loss. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm also surprised to read that he is your brother in law because I thought I saw a very strong resemblance to you. Finally, I found how this lovely feline arrived for your care. I love that you opened your hearts and home to her, and that you do put her well being at the forefront. I hope she continues to find a warm lap and loving pats for a good while to come.

Debbie said...

a beautiful cat, plump, but beautiful...and a cute video!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated condolences to your family, Bill was obviously a very special person (as we all are) and your tribute and photos were lovely to see, John. Also as Hilary commented, I was struck too by what looked like a resemblance to you, perhaps the beard did it? And as a former cat owner, I do understand about remaining at home.