Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Monday Walk

We had the kids on Easter Monday, which was nice because they had been with Dad and we hadn't seen them since the previous Wednesday. Deciding to get outdoors for awhile, we went to the trail. Unfortunately it was rather cool and blustery, but at least we were a bit sheltered in there.

She turns 10 today and has kind of reached that tweener stage. I wonder hw long it will be before she is able to look grandma in the eye.

Meanwhile she is a ham and tends to search out photo ops for me.

They wandered off the trail into the woodland.

And the ham found another opportunity to ham it up.

I got the toothless JJ to sit in the fork of a tree.

Danica spotted two Mallards swimming in the pond that usually isn't a pond. She took a number of photos, and this one turned out best. I was surprised to see two boys hanging out together. I guess they will miss out on some fun this spring.

We heard a knocking, and JJ and Sue searched for the woodpecker. JJ spotted it, so he got to shoot it.

The danged bird was facing away, but we can see a bit of the red head and some of his handiwork.

It was a relatively short and brisk outing, but it was good to get out nevertheless.


Debbie said...

that's a male downy woodpecker, the boys have red on the back of their heads!! a nice walk, pretty, natural woods!!

Linda Kay said...

Looks very much like a typical spring day, John. Thanks for sharing your photos. I've been missing in action for a while, so hope to visit again soon.

Linda Kay

Donna said...

Goodness! You have had your share of flooding!
I had to look twice to make sure you said peanut shells...! Goodness!

Tabor said...

I love that my grands still like the great outdoors!

Lowcarb team member said...

What a lovely walk, I enjoyed all of your photographs.
Thank you.

All the best Jan

Jenn Jilks said...

Such a lovely family!

Marie Smith said...

Great to get the kids out like that. There is so much to share with them.

Kathleen's Blog said...

Great post--Those kids are growing up before our eyes!!

I look forward to being able to take our granddaughter out and about for nice walks and I hope I can pass on my love of photography and some of my other little "quirks"--haha

You guys sure have had a lot of flooding--Wow!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

An easter walk is a good tradition and one that other family members do every year, but along a beach area in CT. As with your family members' walk, their was also rather chilly this year.

Vicki Lane said...

Happy Birthday, Danica!

Kay said...

How wonderful to go out on a beautiful spring day.