Saturday, April 08, 2017

Sue's Birthday Week: Sunday

No, there were no more surprises. But Sue's nephew and family did drive up from Kingston to add their good wishes, And even though Allyson and Alycia had flown back to Vancouver, Brian and Heather were also still us, so more good fellowship transpired.

Sue's great nephew is only 10 but almost as tall as she. He made a special card for his great aunt.

And so did his sister.

It's a very tall family despite the fact Sue's sister is shorter than Sue and Matt's father was a inch or so shorter than I. So to have Matt on a tall stool and Sue on a low chair was quite comical.

Shauna provided a nice lunch, followed by more birthday cake. (The cake was so big that it took us almost a week to finish. But we were dedicated until the end.)

A few other snaps from the afternoon.

And ... to end this day, here are the old men catching of few winks. We were up until 3AM driving Allyson and Alycia to the airport, so we deserved just a wee kip.

We are getting there, folk. Hang in.


Debbie said...

nice captures of the family...i still can't get over how young sue looks. my husband always looks the same after a long day - he's a good napper but he will never admit to it!!!

Jenn Jilks said...

Ah. Hubby has a nap every day!

Mage said...

Love the family. Simply glorious.