Monday, April 03, 2017

The Birthday Week: Thursday

Thursday was another day in which I had to change my plan, which was to go out for dinner. However, in the meantime, another event blocked that path, so we improvised.

Arnprior is a town on the Ottawa river about a half hour north of us. We kept hearing of an excellent chip truck up thataway. While we have a plethora of chip trucks in town, we learned that some people headed to Wes' (yes, they have the apostrophe) Fries up in Arnprior.

It was a sunny day, and we were up for the drive for a greasy lunch.

And here is Wes' Fries.

It's a small stand with the shell of the front half of a truck attached.

It sure doesn't look like much. Would the chips/fries be worth the trip?

Well, yes indeedy, they were worth it. Every fry was golden with a slight crispiness on the outside. And they were plenty hot. They are certainly better than the fries that I get from the local trucks. This is not to put the locals down, but these chips were special.

So, I'm sure that we will go again sometime this summer.

After the fries, we headed over to Robert Simpson Park. We first went last summer for some sunset photos. The winter scene was nice too, but the paths weren't cleared for strolling, so we didn't go far or stay long.

We soon got a coffee and headed home, but it was a nice outing.


Marie Smith said...

A chip outing is always a treat! They look good!

Hena Tayeb said...

Those fries look good!

Debbie said...

sounds fun!! sometimes those random, light trips are best!! the fries look amazing!!!

Jenn Jilks said...

I've been there! Our real estate agent lived there.
Fun outing!