Sunday, April 09, 2017

Sue's Birthday Week: The Second Monday

If you recall, and even if you don't recall, these birthday posts started with a surprise breakfast on the previous Monday. Although, the celebration was all but over, Heather and Brian were still with us, and took us out for a light lunch before heading back to T.O., which is an often used short form for Toronto, which is often pronounced Tarawna or just Trawna, depending on the speaker and the context.

After a leisurely morning, we drove to the Mews for lunch at the Under Pressure coffee shop.

The coffee was good.

As were the sandwiches (background above) and the desserts.

And just for a change, we took a few more pictures.

It was a memorable week, even if visitors to this blog prefer to just fuggedallaboudit with enuffallreddy. Even though the events are done and dusted, I think I may have one more followup blog to post.


Marie Smith said...

Where family is concerned, there are never enough posts. Anyone who doesn't like them doesn't have to read. Sue had a great week by the look of it.

Jenn Jilks said...

Lovely photos!

Mage said...

Yes, a glorious birthday week.

Norma said...

Such and handsome couple.