Monday, April 03, 2017

The Birthday Week: Friday

On Friday, we reached the pinnacle of Sue's birthday celebrations and surprises, especially surprises.

After she went out for her Friday morning coffee with her lady friends, she came home saying that we should cancel our lunch plans because it was snowing and  driving was becoming problematic.

But we couldn't cancel because we had big plans, and when I insisted on going, Sue deduced that I had another surprise meeting at the restaurant. Little did she realize.

Unbeknownst to Sue, Shauna had taken the day off work and was waiting at the restaurant for us. Sue thought that was a fine surprise. Little did she realize.

Silly me. I had ported the camera with me all week, but was so excited about this day that I left it in the car. TG for the younger set with their smart phones.

Shauna's picture of us.

But the biggest surprise of all was about to be revealed. Our other daughter, Allyson, and her partner, Alycia had flown in from Vancouver the night before.

Here are a few photos from the restaurant with a tissue and moist eyes visible in the first.

The remainder of the day was spent in good fellowship, including a little visit to the local microbrewery to ... um ... pick up some micro brews.

Back home, games were played and there was much chatter and not quite as many pics as we often take.


Marie Smith said...

It must feel wonderful when you have them all together! What a great week Sue had! Wonderful!

Vicki Lane said...

And a Happy Birthday to Sue! Looks like a good time!