Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Sue's Birthday Week: Saturday Afternoon

Shauna got the text message from Sue's sister, Heather, that the next surprise was ready.

Heather and Brian had made the surprise trip from Toronto and decorated the tree with 70 of Sue's character traits. We used the excuse that I needed to pick up my good camera for a photo shoot. While this was true as far as it went, I had made sure not to have brought my photo equipment with me in the morning.

When we approached the house, Sue was shocked to see the decorated tree.

Not to mention the Happy Birthday balloons over the garage: somewhat wind-tossed but still delightful.

Then, she spotted the perpetrators walking across the street (in the background through the tree branches).

Greetings and hugs ensued.

Followed my more appreciation of the tree.

Inside we went for coffee, playing, visiting and silliness.


Allyson and JJ are playing with her Lego from thirty years ago.



Marie Smith said...

Such a wonderful idea! Sue must have felt appreciated and loved!

Country Gal said...

Great idea and Happy Birthday to Sue . WOW ! still lots of snow up that way . Lovely photos looks like all had a nice time . Thanks for sharing , have a good evening ! Rain for us down here again over night and into tomorrow ! Then from Saturday on gorgeous weather .

Mage said...

What a wonderful treat. Silliness is good stuff too. :)

Debbie said...

WoW!!! now that's a fun family!!! i really love the tree idea, so much love can be expressed!!!