Friday, April 28, 2017

Evening Reflections

Not long ago, I posted some flooding and reflections in our Riverside Park. About a week later I went back in the evening to get some different light. I was surprised to see how much the waters had receded despite what I though had been a copious amount of rain that week, but the light was pretty good. For the most part, good landscape photos come in the good morning and evening light.

The pond in the first two was much smaller that in the previous visit.

In the park itself there was still a rather nice pond. I like the converging lines in this one and that there is much colour left on leaves that made it though the winter. Fortunately, they are right at the focal point of all of the converging lines.

The sun was getting lower. This may be my favourite shot, and it was just a bit of a last minute thought in passing.

I had changed lenses from a wide angle to a normal lens for the next group of photos. You can see how the sun was lowering quickly and the darkness descending although some of the darkness was likely a result of setting the camera so as not to overexpose the sun, which can be easy to do.

I was pretty happy with these photos. With most branches still bare, it can be a little bleak for photography before the trees leaf out, but all of those reflections made some decent photos possible.


Marie Smith said...

Perfect, AC. The trees on the water...perfect!

Debbie said...

these are really gorgeous!!!!!! post more pictures of nature, you have a real talent!! have a wonderful weekend!!

Jenn Jilks said...

Excellent! I go for quantity, you go for quality!

Tabor said...

That golden light is the best, is it not?

Mage said...

These are simply wonderful, but the second one is magic.

Ruth said...

I love these pictures. The one with the setting sun is stunning. It is so difficult for me to avoid the red ring effect when taking a picture into the sun.