Monday, April 10, 2017

Sue's Birthday Week: Mopping Up

There's really nothing exactly new to add to Sue's birthday week, but in the aftermath I want to post some of Heather's work and Sue's own effort to rescue and preserve it.

You may remember that Heather festooned the tree with 70 characteristics of Sue.

Well, the weather was bad with rain and wind, but we managed to gather most of the piecesSomeone, usually the kids, would find them lying under the tree or nearby and bring them in, Sue then placed them here and there around the house.

Some had been lost, so Heather spent some time writing all of the character traits on one butterfly.

However, Sue wasn't yet satisfied, so she re-made the flowers or butterflies that had been lost, and she pasted them all together to make one wall hanging.

The different style toward the bottom were Sue's re-make,
of  Heather's lost originals.

And that, dear folk, brings Sue's birthday extravaganza to its conclusion, at least as far as my blog is concerned. Meanwhile, Sue is still working on her own pictorial journal of the event with a occasional request to moi for some assistance with printing. So, the good times continue to roll on, in some sense at least.



Marie Smith said...

Such a great idea for e traits on one like Heaher did. I also like what Sue did with them. Who would want to discard those?

Mage said...

What wonderful and colorful fun. :))

Jenn Jilks said...

What a lovely testament! I feel so humble!