Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Tradition Continues

A long time ago, Cuppa started the tradition of a tree decorating party. My parents had moved to our town, and they didn't make a big fuss of Christmas at their place (just a small fuss), so she'd invite them over to help decorate our tree. They were happy for the outing and the chance to be with us and their grandkids. And then there was Val who was on her own and had a birthday around that time, so she was brought into the fold.

We did that for quite a long time, but then the girls moved out, the grandparents passed on, and Val became immobile after her stroke. At some point, however, Thesha took up the mantle, and we've been heading over to her place for four years now to help them put up their tree. Time marches on, and we're now the grandparents who don't put up a big tree at our place.

Thesha's do hasn't reached quite such a grand scale as her mother's yet, especially this past Sunday when hubby had to be out of town. Nevertheless, despite colds and sore throats and lack of energy, Cuppa and I did get over on Sunday afternoon. Snacks were set out, the tree decorations were brought out, and the trimming of the tree began.

They have a new tree this year, a tall narrow one that fits nicely into the fairly small space behind the fence that keeps Nikki Dee out of mischief (as if). This is what it looked like before the bulbs were hung.

And here it is, all trimmed in red and white and behind the fence. Although Nikki Dee may be impressed by the tree, she remains unimpressed by the fence.

But she was still happy enough to smile for the camera.

With my help she had been standing and bouncing on the back of the couch, but by the time Cuppa was able to snap this photo, she was in the process of sliding down. She had probably spotted some other mischief to get into item to explore.

Have I conveyed the impression that the kid is a quiet toddler who is content to sit and tend to her own affairs? If so, I apologize for misleading you. In truth she never stops. If it's true that boys are more active and more mischievous than girls, we really in for it when ChillBaby arrives in February.

Nevertheless, I must confess that I really love that kid. I know I've never said that before (as if), so I'm saying it now.


Judy said...

So glad you told us. I was beginning to wonder. ;)

thailandchani said...

All of those pictures are really gorgeous.. the gold tree!


Dora said...

You should most likely be prepared that when the baby arrives that ND will become a pickle and a half of mischief. If it doesn't happen, you are well off and if it does - then you were prepared.

She's got a personality like a friend of mine's daughter and for a short while, they really had their hands full.

I love coming here and to Cuppa's site to see the life and times of ND and how much you love her and how she fits into your life. Isn't being a grandfather the best?

Mary said...

When my oldest grandson was born, he did get into mischief but not like the younger one. Brandon is the one that has Asperger's Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He is quiet much of the time and he can be trusted explicitly. Jordan, the youngest, has always been a live on the edge kind of kid and still is. I believe the always will be.

Nickie Dee is a girl after my own heart. She has a strong will and wants to see the entire world all at once - at least that's the impression I get. The new baby could be quiet or be much like his older sister.

I always enjoy visiting your site. The tree is beautiful, but even more beautiful is the family tradition.

Take care and I hope you and Cuppa are feeling better soon.


Woman in a Window said...

Gorgeous tree. Wonderful times. And hey, the kid is cute too!

Pearl said...

She's growing so fast.

That tree looks gorgeous. We haven't had a proper tree for 4 or 5 years now. Maybe next year?