Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Kids at Christmas

Many blogs are featuring Christmas photos, and why not? For most of us blogs are multi-functional; they exist not only to air one's thoughts and recollections but serve a keep-in-touch function for family and real-life friends. I also find that I like to see photos of how others live and celebrate life, so I suppose that some others may share similar feelings.

These five photos feature Thesha, Theboy and Nikki Dee (yes, I am compelled to go back to using the Dee — plain Nikki didn't work for me — the child's name begs a Dee). In the first two photos she looks at the Christmas card that she magically printed and remarkably gave to Mom; it features a photo of herself. Naturally.

As you saw from yesterday's photos, Nikki Dee has a ton of fun with Daddy. The first photo is at the dinner table ... er ... high chair, and the second speaks for itself.

Finally: an across the table photo of Thesha that for whatever reason I decided to process as a b&w.

I am thinking that there will be one more post of this type, perhaps two. You are forewarned; depending on your inclination, stay tuned or head for the hills.


Ruth said...

No need to apologize for posting happy pictures of beautiful people. Looks like your Christmas was merry indeed.

Mary said...

I had some catching up to do. I loved the Christmas card, the Christmas hats and the photos of your family. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas and got that had to keep you warm in our cold (well, not the last couple of days) climate. I loved hearing more about ND and how she and her Daddy have so much fun together.

I'm looking forward to more of your Christmas photos and have posted some Christmas fun today. Drop by if you have the time.


Paul said...

AC, I echo your sentiments in the first paragraph and will stay stuned.

Amanda said...

I love looking at fellow bloggers pictures ~ so post away!

dmmgmfm said...

Great photos, AC...I can't believe how much Nikki Dee has grown!

Woman in a Window said...

Perhaps I'll post a few shots if I can manage to rise above this weird melancholy that has settled in. There is something so satisfying in having a window into other people's lives, isn't there?