Thursday, December 04, 2008

Speaking of Cats

... and Cuppa's paintings

... as I was in the previous post. Here is a painting that Cuppa did of our present feline, Rocky. He's a black and white, tuxedo cat turning sideways in the photo to sniff the pansies. Some people have trouble seeing it, but I think it's a great piece. Presently, this watercolour hangs in Thesha's house, while Rocky (formerly Thesha's cat) hangs about in our house.

Rocky is an old cat now — fourteen, we think — but he seems to be doing well. He's had deformed paw since birth, and he hobbles around on it, but he seems content with life. As far as cats go (and I think they go pretty durn fur), he's been a good one — about as good as they come. He will be missed someday. But I guess we all will be — we hope.


Donna said...

Wonderful painting! I can see him! Happy day sweetie!hughugs

KGMom said...

I am very partial to tuxedo cats. We had one for a few short years. When we got him & his brother, who knew he (Sundance) would only live 3 years before succumbing to acute kidney failure. Yes, he is much missed. His brother (Cassidy) is still here--most lovable too, but "just" an ordinary grey tiger striped cat with a golden belly.

Mary said...

I enjoy viewing Cuppa's paintings. I think tuxedo cats are very pretty. There is a tortoise shell that lives up the street that is a cat after my own heart - such a feisty one and an outdoor cat that hangs out in the yard all year long.

Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy my visits here.


Dale said...

I'm really not a fan of cats. However, I'm a huge art fan. And this art fan would enjoy seeing more of the very talented Cuppa's work. Please.

Amanda said...

It's a wonderful painting ~ Cuppa is very talented.

Janet said...

The painting is beautiful and I had no trouble seeing the cat. One of our cats is around 14. She's on something like her 7th life, so we feel fortunate she's still with us!