Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Memories of Scutter

KG Mom posted an entry about cats the other day: Job Description for Cats. It's from an email that has made the rounds, but if you haven't read it, head over to KGM now or later.

Her first two points about cats accompanying guests to the bathroom and about hammering on doors made me think of a cat of ours who did this to a guest when Thesha was a teenager having a get-together at our place. We had a nutty cat who could not abide closed doors. Drove him crazy; consequently, he drove us crazy. But we still laugh over the following anecdote.

So, the teenaged Thesha had her party and one the male guests, Trevor, had to use the washroom. No sooner did he get in there than someone began hammering on the door. Although Trevor assured the hammerer that he would be out soon, the pounding on the door continued to the point where Trevor was getting quite exasperated.

When Trevor eventually opened the door to confront his persecutor, he was quite astonished to find no one there ... until he looked down ... to see innocent, little Scutter. Everyone at the party had a good laugh, as did we, and as we still do all these years later.

Scutter was a Persian who lived with us for sixteen years when he was put to sleep about six years ago due to declining health. Here are a few pictures, including a copy of a painting done by Cuppa.


Woman in a Window said...

Ah, Scutter, you rascal you! I'm sure I've a cousin here in the house. Except instead of the batting I get a demanding MEOWWW! from the pip of a thing and when I open the door she looks around like, "Wha"? You think that was me?"

The painting is gorgeous, Cuppa!

ChrisB said...

Scutter sounds quite a character. I love Cuppa's painting, she's very talented.

KGMom said...

So that's what you meant by "you gave me an idea"!
Awww--Scutter looks so innocent. Funny on the closed door thing, though. Who knows what goes on in a cat's mind. Just as well we don't find out--or else the cat would have to dispatch us (as it does birds and mice)!

Donna said...

I love Cuppa's painting! What a sweet tribute...hughugs

Mary said...

Cuppa did a great job on the painting. She has an awesome talent.

Scutter sounds like he was a lot of fun even though he did have that annoying habit and the recounting of the male guest in the bathroom was hilarious.

Hope all is well with you and that your sore throat has disappeared.


Lorna said...

Cats have such character---I know people say that about dogs too, but it doesn't work for me.

You're all Christmassed up. I remember this from last year---is there a story about Santa and old 9114?

Pearl said...

wow, she's a good painter.

our last cat couldn't abide a closed door either. funny to have all this privacy now.

PBS said...

What a beautiful cat, and such a character too! He really doesn't look like the sort to go pounding on bathroom doors.