Friday, December 26, 2008

Foto Friday

It's time to be lazy here in Anvilcloudia. The A Team departed yesterday (and due to weather delays took over fourteen hours to fly what should be fly-able in about 6). After driving them to the airport, Cuppa and I headed back over to the kids' to have supper with them and Nikki (I think I will start leaving off the Dee; it has merit and reason for being attached, but I'm lazy it's not necessary for the blog). After two major meals for six, there were slim pickings, but we managed to scrape enough off the bird for one more modest meal for four. The turkey and trimmings were extra delicious this year for some reason, and therefore were almost inhaled by the gang.

It is Boxing Day here in Canada, and a restful day down south, so I won't go to great lengths here, but I would like to post just a couple of snapshots on Foto Friday.

The first shows (not all that clearly) some of the cookies that Puff (or DIL or D3 ... whichever ... I use different names at different times) decorated. Although it's not the best photo (a little fuzzy), I think you can get an idea of the detail that she is able to scrunch onto a tiny cookie. She did dozens upon dozens of these: family theme, underwater theme, space theme, hello kitty theme, Christmuka (Christmas + Hanukkah)and so on. She's amazing.

Nikki coped with the Christmas invasion extremely well. She has tons of fun with Daddy. As you can see, she likes it rough and wild. Her mother was like that but not her sister (Althegal) who preferred to be handled gently.

A Thesha family photo, including CeeBee ... sort of.

Mother and daughter.

Mother and daughters: Althgegal middle and Puff of cookie fame right.

Oh, there are so many, but I have to stop now. It was a long and late night.


Judy said...

Were the cookies made to be eaten? They are SO cool!

Much talent and love you have in that family of yours, AC.

Looks like a Christmas to remember!

Amanda said...

It's a shame to eat those cookies ~ they look just great!
I just love the picture of Nikki Dee playing with her Dad.
Again, i hope you had a great Christmastime.

dmmgmfm said...

Wow, those cookies are amazing!

Love the family photos, AC, really beautiful.

Happy Holidays,

Anonymous said...

Such happiness in your photos... you are very lucky in family. :-)

PBS said...

Such wonderful, happy family photos! Happy Boxing Day!

Woman in a Window said...

I just know it was a wonderful Christmas. Those photos say a bunch. And those cookies, Puff needs to take those on the road! Gorgeous!

Lorna said...

I'm so glad you've had a great holiday. Those are joyful pictures.