Monday, December 29, 2008

My Two Christmas Joys

Don't get me wrong, I take pleasure in all of my family. I am a guy with a small circle of friends and family, so everyone in my circle is important to me. But Nikki Dee has become a bright light in my life, both at Christmas and beyond. In the first photo, she is colouring in her new book with her new crayons on the floor as the family opens their gifts. The second photo was taken later in the day when I caught her in mid-bounce on the couch (which is something that she is not supposed to do).

Then there is my Cuppa, my companion of almost forty years who perpetually radiates joy and causes me to be a better person. I think these photos say a lot.


dabrah said...

What fabulous photos. I love the red outfits. Merry Christmas to you all. It's countdown to the new year now.

Woman in a Window said...

Lucky you!

Amanda said...

Not supposed to do, but so cute! LOL!

Mary said...

The photos are perfect! These two ladies make your life shine. Grandchildren light up our lives and allow us to see the world through their eyes. It brightens everything and makes it twinkle like a star.

Love the photo of Cuppa. You two are absolutely made for each other. That butterfly she's holding is exquisite and she looks so happy.

Glad you had a great Christmas, my friend. Enjoy your two favorite ladies.


Ginger said...

Your Nikki Dee just gets cuter and cuter with every month.

You have many blessings, AC.

ChrisB said...

Lovely photos-glad you all had a wonderful time. Nikki Dee is just so cute.
Happy New Year to you and Cuppa in case I don't get back to you before then.

Donna said...

That's Two beautiful reasons there!!! Happy holidays sweetie, to you all!hughugs