Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Apparently, Cuppa and I have caught the virus from SILly. Since he switched jobs this year, there have been a few occasions when I had to wake him up when I arrived at Nikki Dee's in the morning. At which time he has loudly addresses me as the second person of the trinity. I tell him that my initials are AC, that Anvilcloud doesn't begin with a J, and that it would sufficient if he were to refer to me as Your Holiness.

So, he has contracted Sleepingingitis and seems to have passed it on to us, for Cuppa and I did the very same thing on Monday morn. Since SILly was out of town, we were to arrive at Nikki Dee's earlier than usual so that Thesha could get to work in time. However, when Cuppa reset the time on the alarm on Sunday night, she forgot to actually turn the alarm back on (having turned it off for the weekend). Therefore, we did sleep in, and, therefore, Thesha was late for work. In fact, if she hadn't called to find out where the heck we were, we might sill be sleeping.

And that brings to mind, another bout of Sleepinginitis that occurred when I was a young teacher still in my twenties. The VP called one morning to ask if I was coming into work that day. Say what? Oh dear, class was just staring, and I was still in bed. It happened again the next week but never again after that. I didn't get in trouble, but if it had occurred once more, I'm sure I would have. I had been teaching for about four years at the time and hadn't succumbed to Sleepinginitis previously, so I guess I was given the benefit of the doubt.

The reason that it happened at all was an alarm mixup. Up until then, Cuppa had been the alarm monitor, but since I was the one who had to get up and at it in the morning, it seemed logical for me to begin setting the alarm on my side of the bed. Except that it wasn't yet an ingrained habit. And I forgot. Twice. But just twice in all those years.

Twice was quite enough, thank you.


Lorna said...

I used to be able to tell myself before I went to sleep, when I should wake up. It always worked. It stops working if you just don't give a damn anymore. Not that this is what happened to you.

Mary said...

I think we have all suffered a bout of sleepinginitis at least once in our lives, but like you, it didn't happen often with me. I dislike using an electric alarm clock because it seems each time I do that the power goes out and the clock never goes off. lol So, I have the old fashioned alarm - the type that the bell rings when it goes off. I found it at a flea market and it works perfectly.

Have a great evening.

Donna said...

Just bring that sweet baby home with you and let the kiddo's visit once in a while...hahaa...Well, it Might work!! Happy sleep!hughugs

KGMom said...

This is one of those fairly common (and entirely benign) diseases.
And, the good news is--it is easily cured by . . .sleep!

Woman in a Window said...

I'm going to place my order on Amazon.ca for my very own case of Sleepingingitis. I'm off work for the winter in a week and a half and I can hardly wait!

Anonymous said...

Ah.. sleepinginitis.. I used to know it well in my younger years. Now .. not so much. :-)