Saturday, December 06, 2008

Lighting It Up

I won't go on long about it because I posted something about Light Up The Night last year and because Cuppa will be posting more about the event sometime within the next few days.

I had forgotten how it ends though — with a fireworks display while The Messiah (the song, not the actual divine being) is piped over the speakers. It's quite thrilling really: goosebump time. Here is a photo (actually two combined) of some of the fireworks taken by a little point and shoot camera (so don't expect anything too wonderful).

Folks come out of the woodwork for this event on mainstreet, Almonte. It's a great little tradition for early December. Various local performers do their thing and, of course, there are puppets to entertain the crowd. (I say of course because Almonte hosts a puppet festival every summer that draws people from far and wide.)


Ginnie said...

Your little "point and shoot" camera did a fine job. Looks like a lovely event.

JunieRose2005 said...


Looks like a fun event! We have something similar here in Ocala-'Light Up Ocala.' We missed it this time- It was last night but we couldn't make it!

:) I also like those pics of your little Nikki Dee in your last post!
She's getting to be a Big Girl! They sure grow fast!


Mary said...

Your little camera did a bang-up job of capturing the fireworks. This sounds like a fun event. Our Christmas parade was last Saturday night and it is always a light parade. Mighty pretty too. After the parade, the Christmas tree in the downtown square is lit by who other than the Man in Red himself.

Thanks for the comments on my political overview. I do know you don't share my POV, but we must agree to disagree. I don't like talking politics on my blog but many had asked what was happening, so I gave in. Dad always said, "Don't talk politics with your friends or you'll end up with none." In our case we need to prove him wrong. I value your frienship.


Woman in a Window said...

I wish we had some big town event this time of year. Well, we went skating...

Jules said...

I can only imagine how amazing this would be in 'real' life. You've done a wonderful job of capturing it for all of us who can't be there!