Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back on our Snowshoes

We took our snowshoes to the cottage without knowing whether our bodies could handle them. It's been a few years, and since then, I have developed foot and knee problems. Well, they didn't magically go away when I strapped on the shoes. but I managed anyway.

I got out for at least a short tromp on every full day that we were there, sometimes taking my camera along and sometimes not. It's a strange thing, but at the cottage, I will go out when it's windy, snowy or just plain frigid. Even at 35 below zero, once I was in the woods and exerting myself, I soon became a sweaty, old AC. On our last day, however, the wind was brutal, and for some reason we headed across the open field rather than into the sheltered bush. needless to say, we soon turned back.

All in all, I was pleased to be able to get back to this activity.

Come on, Sue. I'm ready to go.
I'm waiting for you, old lady.
Still waiting.
Alright then, I'm done waiting,
Part of the trail along the old logging road. I was on my own this day.
I like this blurry photo of Sue's snowshoes in action.
Down the hill past the barn we go.
And onto the logging road one last time.
I stopped to take this photo of the two barns in the background through snowy branches on the trail.
Thanks for joining us on our snowshoe adventures.


KGMom said...

Slog slog slog, through the snow.
Actually, looks like fun...sort of.

Do stay warm, though--just last even here there was a local story of a woman who took her dog out for a walk. Apparently, she fell and ended up succumbing (permanently) to the cold. It didn't help that she had gone out without a coat.

TexWisGirl said...

so very cool. i've never snow-shoed or skied or ice skated, for that matter. :)

Gail Dixon said...

I know I would not do well snow-shoeing or skiing, but it does look like fun. I'm too clumsy. Love the last shot of the red barn with the focus on the snowy branch.

Mara said...

I find that when I am away on holiday I seem to be going out every single day, walking several kilometers. When I am home, I don't seem to be able to muster the same kind of energy!

Lorna said...

For some reason, I expected wooden snowshoes. Not judging, just remarking.

Lorna said...

For some reason, I expected wooden snowshoes. Not judging, just remarking.

Jackie said...

I've never seen a snowshoe in "person"...and I guess I was expecting to see one that looked like what I had always seen on television (shaped like a tennis racket.)
I admire the strength it takes and the endurance that you and your honey have to get out and about wearing snowshoes.
Your photos are exceptional.
I especially love the snowy branch with the barns in the background...the last shot you posted. Very artistic eye you have.

Regenia said...

And thank you for inviting us! I totally enjoyed it.