Thursday, January 09, 2014

Ye Olde Red Barn

We've just spent our first full day home from the country. It was a good getaway, but after 9 sleeps and parts of 10 days, we were ready for a return to an abode of greater comfort. These older bodies seem to demand more and more consideration.

We started out with 8 people crowding the place for a few days and then it was just down to Sue and me. Both scenarios had their good points. The kids waited on us wonderfully while they were there, cooking all of the meals — splendidly I might add — and washing all dishes. But we also enjoyed the quietude when it was just down to the golden oldies.

I have lots of pictures, so I will post more in days to come, but here are some of the red barn. I can't resist snapping this structure from various angles on each and every visit. This time was no exception.

Sometimes, I just step out onto the little stoop at the side of the cottage and snap away. On this morning, the sun was out nicely, which was seldom true during this stay.I decided to leave the edges of other buildings in the picture as a bit of a frame.

This shot is from the same vantage point, but I really zoomed in.

It looks different from the same spot on a cloudy and snowy day.

I took this while trudging around on my snowshoes. Sue did a watercolour from a view much like this many years ago, except I don't think the little tree in the frame had been born yet.

Also taken on another snowshoe tromp. I really like this one.

I like it in black & white too — maybe even more.

I have never taken this shot before. I was down on the frozen river. It is highly unlikely that I will ever see this view again, for, even if we do get back in winter, the ice on the river isn't always as reliable as it was this time — thanks to the polar vortex.

That's it for now. Belated Happy New Year to you all.


TexWisGirl said...

it is a perfect photo subject - especially in that snow fall! really like the draft horse decor.

Gail Dixon said...

Those snowdrifts are beautiful. The red barn contrasting against the white is very striking. Hope it warms up soon for you.

Pearl said...

glad the ice held. nice perspective on the barn.

happy new year, John!

Hilary said...

I can see why it keeps drawing you back to take more and more photos. It's a beauty of a structure. I also like that one you did in black and white but I think I like it better in colour. Welcome back and Happy New Year.

KGMom said...

Barns are such inviting photographic subjects--and red barns the most inviting of all.

KGMom said...
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Jackie said...

I understand your fascination with this beautiful barn.
I'm in LOVE with it, and had I been there with my camera, I would have shot as many angles of it as I could have. Absolutely stunning.
I have an affection for barns....the older the better.
Wonderful photos.

Kerry said...

What a beautiful classic red barn in the snow. Stunning! Looks like a great place to go snowshoeing.

Lorna said...

Obsession can be good. I'm sure of it. I'M SURE OF IT, YOU CAN'T CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE.

Jimmie Earl said...

Beautiful pictures once again. I must learn how to use my camera to it's best advantage.
What a magnetic place this must be. I can only imagine it's attraction. Best in 2014 to you, too!

Mary said...

the red barn is a beaut. you've captured it really beautifully here.

Donna said...

Super shots...Love the B&W!!!

Dimple said...

Hi John,
I think the shot from the river is stunning. To me, it's an invitation to explore. The animal tracks are a wonderful touch.