Friday, January 31, 2014

A post in which AC sounds like he is totally falling apart

Apparently, when I run out of pictures, I also run out of blog material.

I had intended to write a book review of Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan. I got it for Christmas and quite liked it. But I waited so long to get around to it, that it just feels stale.

We are minding the grands today because it's a PA Day. They have been playing on their tablets for awhile. Babysitting is certainly easier than it used to be. We'll get them out and about later. I am sure that a visit to Tims (coffee and donuts) will be on the agenda, and maybe some exercise of some sort. It's relatively mild here today — just a little below freezing — so an outdoor activity should be acceptable. It's a nice change from the brutal cold of the past week or so.

I have had three medical appointments in the past week, which is weird because it has been months since the last one — sometimes it's almost a year between visits. Two were long ordained appointments that just happened to fall in the same week.

The urologist was most rude and gave me the finger. Which he probably felt that he had every right to do after I gave him the bum's rush — so to speak. Yes, I guess we're even.

The other specialist was testing out my decaying knee and suggested that I purchase a brace, which I did yesterday. It isn't likely to help a lot, but it's worth a try. They were not able to fit me for the kind which she recommended because my leg has gone sort of pear shaped. Knee problems have caused my quadriceps to shrink on my left leg: the result being that the brace that fit my quads would barely pull up over my larger calf muscle. You see, it's supposed to be the other way around — the quad being larger than the calf.

Yes, I am weird — so weird that the calf on my right leg is actually too small due to problems with my right foot. So ... the left knee problem has diminished the size of my quads, and the right foot problem has diminished the size of my calf.

No wonder I walk funny.

Oh ... and the result of the third appointment is that it is time to do my annual poop test. What fun!


TexWisGirl said...

oy! getting old ain't for sissies!

Gail Dixon said...

Your urologist paragraph was lol funny! Have a fun day with the grands!

Jimmie Earl said...

I had the same experience at my urologist last week! LOL! our conversation during this episode was:
Me: I hate this part
Doc: It isn't my favorite part either, believe me!
Like TesWisGirl said, "this getting old ain't for sissies!" Right-o. But, it's better than the alternative!
Have a great weekend. We're doomed for more snow. Possibly another 13-15 inches on top of what we already have!

Pearl said...

ah, ain't aging bliss.

I find the same thing. if I don't take photos, it's as if my blog post snowflake has nothing to form around.

I wanted to write about books I read but the browser crashed 3 times in the progress of writing one and the last time was cake left out in the rain, more beautiful than I'll ever make again. so bah. if the universe has a message is it, be persistent, or give up already.

Ginnie said...

Oh, how rude of your urologist ! I'd say your bum's rush was a perfect response!

Donna said...

What a Week you've had indeedy!!Hahaa...Poor thing!
I hate those appointments.....

Jackie said...

You haven't lost your sense of humor amongst all the tests.
That's a wonderful thing.
Hope everything comes out all right for your colonoscopy (actually, BEFORE your colonoscopy.)

KGMom said...

AC--you may be falling apart but your sense of humour is in place just fine.
Pre-knee surgery for me I had a knee brace (a high class one). It helped a lot, but did contribute to muscle atrophy.
Can you get PT to build up that quad?
Sorry for your knee troubles--I know whereof you speak and suffer.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

John, even without any photos, this was a fun post which (almost) made medical appts sound like fun outings. Pat has a similar visit with the urologist next week.

Anonymous said...

My husband swears by lady urologists. Smaller fingers. Your poor legs, though. I hope the brace works.

Gina said...

You made me laugh out loud, my friend!