Friday, September 20, 2013

The Old Man in the Window

Once again, this morning I looked out my window to see the kids lined up at the bus stop. I feel like I am becoming Mr Weekes.

When I was about the kids' age, old Mr Weekes lived in the row house next door. We'd always see him looking out his 3rd floor window. I assume that he didn't get downstairs much.

I am sorry to say that I and the other kids would sometimes make faces at him. I feel very bad about this now. I would feel bad anyway, but I feel even much more badderer because at least a few times he was nice to us, by tossing down some parcels of candy.

Kids can be cruel, but I am thankful that at least no one has made faces at this Old Man in the Window yet as I gaze at the kiddies from my window. JJ even saw me this morning and waved.

From my Old Man's vantage, I snapped this picture because Danica was being her motherly self by helping Chloe get her shoe back on. She's such a sweet child.

Meanwhile, JJ and the boys weren't looking overly exuberant as they contemplated the upcoming day. This bus stop is heavily dominated by boys.


Regenia said...

I would have to be at that window every morning. I love how all these kids have backpacks almost as big as they are!

troutbirder said...

and they went off knowing they were safe.....

Donna said...

I'd be at the window as well!
Cute shots...and I know that old man forgave you kids...:o)

Ginnie said...

Somehow I can't imagine you as Mr. Weekes ...and definitely not badderer than any other old guy !
Isn't it neat that you can watch them get off each morning?

Lynne with an e said...

Absolutely charming observations, as sweet as Mr. Weekes' candy packets.