Friday, September 06, 2013

JJ Goes to School: The Family Pics

My little grandson started school today, so it was quite a ToDo around here. Naturally, we took a lot of pictures: so many, that I'll just show some of our family snaps today.

Sha brought the kids over in plenty of time, so we spent some time in the front porch where Mom and the boy had a cuddle. Although he might look forlorn in this picture, he was actually pretty upbeat the whole time.

Suddenly it was time to go to the bus stop, and I hadn't thought of where to take pictures. We found a little spot by the garden and under the shade of the tree. It wasn't the best, but we tried our best to make it work.

We began with grandma, first with both kids and then just with Jonathan. As you can see, grandma has shrunk in her old age. It happens.

And of course, JJ with Dani. Danica makes more faces that her aunt in front of the camera.

The it was Mom's turn ... and grandma once again.

I wasn't going to be left out.

And then we needed one of just the grands with the boy.

Finally, JJ and I had a stare down before we headed over to the bus stop.

I think we took more pics than at the average wedding. It was fun though.


Hilary said...

Sweet stuff. I think that JJ is beginning to resemble his sister a bit. I love the last pic the best. Too cute.

Donna said...

OhhhMyyy....Really?? Time for him to start School??? Just, Wow...
Love the shots though!

Lorna said...

As always, absolute cuteness captured. And the kids are alright...

Ginnie said...

I've been viewing your pictures for many years AC and it seems to me that you better half is getting younger and prettier as time goes on. How does she do that ???

Mary said...

And they're off!

Great set of pics, John. Dani and JJ are so blessed to have such a close relationship with you and Sue. There is so much love in these pictures.

Happy September!

Regenia said...

But I challenge you to find wedding pictures with a groom more handsome than JJ! What fun that must have been.