Tuesday, September 10, 2013

JJ Goes to School: Day is Done, Home Again

JJ's first day of school is done; the only thing left is to see him safely off the bus.

Dropoff is on the other side of the street from pickup. Most of the same older crowd awaits.

Here he comes with a smile on his face. Sister is still chatting with someone behind him.

Still smiling.

Like sister, when she first went to school, he forgot to drink all day.

Although Danica no longer has to be reminded, she is still a thirsty girl.

A smug glance in the mirror after a day at big boy school.

Getting impatient because Mom promised to buy a good boy treat.

Time to go shopping.


Regenia said...

I love how proud he looks getting off the bus!

KGMom said...

Still smiling is good.
That is interesting that he (and she) forgot to drink all day--too excited.
A good start is good.

Donna said...

Such sweet shots Ac! What little sweeties!

Lorna said...

The memories you'll have! What's your name again?