Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Observant Dawdler

What a unique little fellow is our JJ. Not that I have exactly been close to a plethora of little ones in my life, but there have been a few, and this guy is uniquely different. I know we're all unique, but some are unique-ier than others (feel free to use uniqueier at will). Such is the case with his non-stop sister, but it also true, even if less noticeably so, with Jonathan.

The boy is incredibly observant. To wit: when he was quite young, he startled us my stating that the top portion of power towers are shaped like cat faces. I don't think too many people have seen it that way, but I see it every time now.

When I change the tires on the car from winter to summer tires of vice versa, he is the one who notices. As he examines the tires more closely ...
"What's the H on your tires for Buppa?"
 "Well that stands for Honda, JJ"
 For quite awhile afterward: "Looks Buppa, there's another Honda."
He's also the one to notice when Sue gets something done to her hair, and there are so many other examples that a grandfather in his dotage simply can't remember. He notices her "nice blouse" or "pretty shoes" and is quite willing to help her look for a sparkly top at Winners.

Sue just put out a seasonal decoration for autumn. It was a pretty, painted dish that used to belong to my mother. JJ commented on how nice it was and even remembered it from last year.

This quite possibly goes hand-in-hand with the reality that the boy can't be rushed. To the consternation of time-oriented adults, he dawdles and mozzies about (how do you spell mozzies anyway?) taking all sorts of little things in all the while. Walking around the block with him becomes an exercise in patience, and let's just be truthful and say that there's so little exercise involved for me that I tend to avoid it.

Anyway, he recently was quite taken with the treasure chest (kind of a manly jewellery box) on my bureau and wanted to know about it and to have a good look. I've had this thingamabobie since I was a teenager -- a gift from my parents (ie my mother because fathers don't really shop doncha know) one Christmas, and I'll likely have it until the day when the roll is called up yonder (although since I am an atheist, if there ever is such a call, I am sure I will be left behind -- the infamous series says so). Anyolehow, down came my treasure chest thingie, and JJ  afforded himself a nice, leisurely examination of both the container and its contents.

He's quite a dear boy, really. He's not at all like his grandfather. Lucky kid.

Take Your Time Jonathan and Examine Every Little Doodad


RVVagabond said...

Oh my goodness, I'd have been intrigued by your treasure chest!

A joke for Danica since we're talking "unique". "How do you catch a unique rabbit?" "Unique up on him."

"How do you catch a tame rabbit?" "Tame way, unique up on him." ;)

Ginger said...

Mozzies is a cool word. And I loved reading this description of the lad. Makes me curious to hear what he'll choose to do for work/career someday, with such a keen talent for observation.

Jackie said...

He is an amazing young man; I feel the love between you, my friend.
He is a gift from God. A treasure.
Love this post...
Hugs to you,

TexWisGirl said...

it IS a treasure chest!

i believe it is 'moseys'. not sure, though.

Regenia said...

What concentration! He is really oblivious to the world around him! He is a sweet little boy.

Pearl said...

amazing how unique each person is straight out of the womb.