Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Danica's First Day of School v3.0

Well, she's off on year 3 in her formal education, which is grade 1 (or the first grade for Americans). Once again, I got her to the bus stop and snapped pictures with abandon.

Here she is on her way to the bust stop, little brother, who begins on Friday, trailing behind with shovel and warrior's hatchet. You can see the congregation of kids and parents beginning to collect across the street.

Ready to cross. Be careful, there's a car coming.

Little brother seems to require some consoling as everyone mills about. He'll need more on Friday.

The lineup is beginning to form. Not all are exactly ecstatic, but of course Danica is.

The lineup is complete, and we all wait for the bus which is a wee bit late on the first morning. In an earlier picture, some lady was concerned that I got her in the picture. I told her that it wouldn't be in the paper. I possibly didn't say it all that endearingly.

Danica in the line: Miss Pleasant Personality.

Seated and ready to go.

Before we know it, I'll be taking pictures of the last day.


Mara said...

Did you tell the lady about the blog though? After all, if you post that photo, she will be known all the way across the globe!

Another milestone, doesn't it go fast?

Ginger said...

Such fun to watch these kids grow through the years! Wishing them both a delightful school year.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The first day will be memorable for both Danica and Buppa for different reasons too.

Lorna said...

she is SUCH a good-looking child.

Lorna said...

she is SUCH a good-looking child.

Hilary said...

She has such enthusiasm. I love her protective, arm around her brother. So sweet.

Donna said...

Hahaa...too cute! And did the lady get snarky with you?Hahaaa
Yes, it'll be Spring before we know it...

Regenia said...

I also love the picture of her arm around little brother, the only one with a hatchet, mind you! She is beginning to look even more "grown up". I do wonder what was in JJ's imagination when he decided he needed the shovel and hatchet for his trip to the bus stop? A unique combination!